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Risk Management Unit

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The Risk Management Unit (RMU) Somalia is a unique entity that was established in 2011 to support stakeholders, across Somalia, to navigate through the risks in the ever-changing operating environment. Its mission is to contribute to positive and effective outcomes for humanitarian-development and peacebuilding interventions in Somalia, by enhancing risk-informed decision making of strategic partners. Structurally, the RMU resides in the office of UN Somalia’s Deputy Special Representative of Secretary General/Resident Coordinator/Humanitarian (DSRSG/RC/HC) Coordinator. This ensures that there is better access, influence and reach to stakeholders that would benefit from RMU’s services.

What we do

The RMU is responsible for achieving the following four major objectives.

  1. Undertake strategic risk analysis and provision of advice and solutions for the United Nations Organizations as follows:
  • Undertake strategic risk assessments​
  • Undertake IAT/HRDDP/PAMG/UNDSS joint assessments​
  • Undertake thematic risk assessments​
  • Undertake partner risk assessments​
  • Establish RM assurance mechanisms for joint programmes​
  • Facilitate programme risk analysis and management processes​
  1. Contribute to an efficient use of Somalia’s country systems through the following activities:
  • Undertaking oversight, quality assurance and verification activities to UN funded programmes implemented through country systems ​
  • Supporting establishment of RM standards and structures within Government institutions in partnership with Office of the Prime Minister and other line Ministries​
  • Enhancing quality assurance mechanisms to support programme development and implementation through the country systems​
  • Partnering with Somali Universities to deliver RM courses in Somali language​
  1. Contribute to prevention and detection of fraud and corruption and coordinated strategic solutions by:
  • Coordinating fraud prevention, deterrence and reporting through the UN Risk Management, Accountability and Quality Assurance Working Group ​
  • Contributing to UN coordinated efforts & joint programme on advancing the national agenda against fraud & corruption and within the UN​
  • Assisting UN agencies with fraud examination activities and verifications​
  • Undertaking fiduciary risk analysis and develop partnership with external partners that contribute to sharing information on fraud & corruption​
  1. Build shared understanding of risk management & enhancement of relevant tools across partners including UN, Donors, Civil Society and Government by:
  • Strengthening UN collaboration and info sharing through enhancing common digital systems and developing innovative digital solutions​.
  • Strengthening partnership with Somali stakeholders to implement the Collaborative Risk Management Strategy​
  • Enhancing and deliver risk management & due diligence courses customized to different groups. Access our Online Learning Platform << here >>
  • Supporting establishment of RM best practices and tools in other UN Operations​

    Capacity Building

    The RMU delivers risk management & due diligence courses customized to different groups through our online learning platform (OLP).

    Our current online learning platform offers a course on managing project risks to UN, Civil Society Organizations including NGOs and Somalia Government on the following subjects:

    • Risk Management Theory and Practice
    • The Project Management Cycle / Accountability and Risks
    • Use of Country Systems
    • Public and UN Procurement, Integrity in Procurement

    See the available courses and register here

    The RMU also offers in-class training on Managing Project Risk. These trainings are, however, currently on hold given the prevailing COVID19 situation.  The RMU will announce the resumption of in-class training when pandemic situation improves and allows for in-class training.

    Services Offered

    UN Agencies  
    • Risk Assessment of vendors and partners
    • Access to the UN Risk Working Group and Coordination
    • Access to database of UN vendors and partners (CIMS) that contains information to support due diligence process of partners and vendors
    • Access to Capacity Injection Reporting Tool to map and coordinate professional support being provided to the Government
    • Public Finance Management
    • Support to replication of tools in other countries
    • Risk assessment advice
    • Due diligence support in selection of partners in Somalia
    • Access to Capacity Injection Reporting Tool to map professional support being provided to the Government
    • Risk Management training
    • Risk Management Advice
    • Access to Collaborative Risk Management Forum
    Somalia Government and people  
    • Public procurement capacity building
    • Capacity Injection Reporting Tool reports
    • Anti-Fraud joint forums

    Forums & Tools

    The RMU hosts the following forums:

    • Risk Management, Accountability and Quality Assurance (RMAQA)
    • Collaborative Risk Management Forum (CRMF)
    • Anti Fraud and Anti Corruption (AFAC)

    The RMU has developed digital database tools that enhance information sharing, due diligence across the stakeholders, namely:

    • The Contractor Information Management System (CIMS) is a database that holds that enhances the due diligence of United Nations organizations when selecting a partner or vendor to work in Somalia. More>>.
    • The Capacity Injection Reporting Tool (CIRT) is an information sharing database used by the UN, donors and financial institutions to enhance and coordinate capacity support to the Government of Somalia. More >> 

      Further Resources

      The RMU recommends these standards and associations to support organizations in their implementation of their risk management plans and to promote a shared understanding of the risks and risk management options in Somalia.  

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